RESEARCH - Concept to Commercialization

Our skilled team of formulators will work closely with you to achieve your specific commercial product. Together with your ideas our collaborative team effort will effectively design, test and engineer new products at sensible cost levels.

New product development is completed in three distinct phases. At the conclusion of each phase recommendations are made. By building on what was learned provides forward momentum for the next set of objectives.


Brim Technologies specializes in unique granulation/tablet products including effervescent tablets and high performance solids.

Tablet manufacturing is an operation that requires much attention to Research & Development for consistent product quality and product performance.

Small-scale, pre-commercialization studies are performed on modern equipment, which provides valuable process control data for products requiring firm tolerances in physical properties. Large-scale tablet production can be performed on high-speed rotary tablet presses or on high force single station eccentric presses.

A variety of equipment allows high flexibility in tablet shapes and sizes.


The most effective way to ensure reproducible product quality from batch to batch is with precise control of the blending process. Brim Technologies uses JH Day sanitary stainless steel blenders for all its blending requirements.

The blending process manages cycle times, temperatures and other critical parameters which is essential for maintaining optimum product quality.

Brim offers the right equipment to meet your unique processing requirements.


Brim Technologies offers a wide range of packaging solutions.

Tablet products can be packaged in individual pouches, strip packs or in a variety of bottle sizes.

We have the flexibility to customize primary and secondary packaging options according to customer requirements.